Use the best products for your dry skin and protect it from various issues by learning some of our tips.


About Us

My name is Gladys Stokes and working as a skin specialist at Trends And Styles has enabled me to know what each skin type needs. For dry skin, it needs to be cleansed, moisturized and protected from sun exposure with sunscreen. This does not only protect your complexion from damage, but it helps in improving it. 


Skin Protection

you protect the skin from dryness and other issues

Skin Improvement

your skin improves in status

Skincare Products

the skincare products given softens the skin


the skincare products come at an affordable price


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What People Say

I am always frustrated about my dry skin since I have to keep moisturizing it from time to time. I needed a long-term solution to this and my desire led me to Trends And Styles. I was not only showed step by step how to do it, but I was given a cleanser, sunscreen and moisturizer to protect it. It has improved.

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